BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
capitalsdasdMiquel Sabaté Solà2 years
llibres-2018lalalalaMiquel Sabaté Solà12 months
masterstylesheets: don't color links inside of pre blocksMiquel Sabaté Solà5 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-04-23stylesheets: don't color links inside of pre blocksHEADmasterMiquel Sabaté Solà
2020-04-22stylesheets: add a scroll whenever there is an overflow-xMiquel Sabaté Solà
2020-04-22stylesheets: give creditMiquel Sabaté Solà
2020-04-21Added an emacs.scss fileMiquel Sabaté Solà
2020-03-23Updated gems and js packagesMiquel Sabaté Solà
2020-03-23Update licenseMiquel Sabaté Solà
2020-03-23Added Republic from PlatoMiquel Sabaté Solà
2019-11-28Updated pageMiquel Sabaté Solà
2019-10-22Add modified_at info at the post layoutMiquel Sabaté Solà
2019-10-21Added git into the docker imageMiquel Sabaté Solà