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capitalsdasdMiquel Sabaté Solà20 months
llibres-2018lalalalaMiquel Sabaté Solà6 months
masterUpdated gems and js packagesMiquel Sabaté Solà9 days
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9 daysUpdated gems and js packagesHEADmasterMiquel Sabaté Solà
9 daysUpdate licenseMiquel Sabaté Solà
9 daysAdded Republic from PlatoMiquel Sabaté Solà
2019-11-28Updated pageMiquel Sabaté Solà
2019-10-22Add modified_at info at the post layoutMiquel Sabaté Solà
2019-10-21Added git into the docker imageMiquel Sabaté Solà
2019-10-21plugins: renamed from article.rb to type.rbMiquel Sabaté Solà
2019-10-21plugins: added the article Jekyll pluginMiquel Sabaté Solà
2019-10-21images: fixed some imagesMiquel Sabaté Solà
2019-10-21Fixed favicon situationMiquel Sabaté Solà